Monday, August 22, 2011

Get Married Get a $400 Rent-Controlled Manhattan Apartment

Pretty good for a month of marriage.

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Spacious: The buidling's condominium apartments were designed to give the occupants plenty of room
This is the desirable West Village apartment block where a 63-year old woman is set to live on a rent of only $400 a month for the rest of her life after she married an 87-year-old man a month before he died.

Sarah Berman is entitled to stay in one of the building's exclusive condominiums for the peppercorn rent after she wed elderly tenant Stanley Lowell in September, just weeks before he passed away.
The 17-storey building has a planted roof deck with spectacular views over the West Village and to the Hudson river.
The lavish block of 129 apartments, which towers over Abingdon Square Park, has its own full-time doorman to keep guard.