Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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Next Apple (AAPL) Media Event Is October 4th, To Star Tim Cook And The iPhone 5
Fake it 'till you make it? Confidence may matter more than ability
Gisele Bundchen Pulled Over For Speeding, Let Off With Verbal Warning
2007 Bust: How Could They Not Have Known?
We are still living in the wake of the great 21st century bubble. That is the dominant economic and financial fact of 2011, which applies both to the American housing and mortgage debt, and to the European sovereign debt, crises. As the massive losses keep coming, there is a lot of negotiating, suing, whining and politicking among contentious parties over who will take which losses.
Stopping the Perry Steamroller
Bernanke Has Few Tools to Heal Economy Amid Weak Housing
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