Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ronald Reagan’s Daughter Talks About Alzheimer’s Support Groups

Patti Davis talks about “Beyond Alzheimer’s,” an Alzheimer’s support group she co-leads at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

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Patti Davis
“There were so many unknowns, no one could give us information. I felt so isolated and so lonely. I went through a decade of losing my father. No one to talk to.” -- Patti Davis, Beyond Alzheimer's
So far this year I have received 608 emails. A large fraction of those emails ask for advice in dealing with specific problems, talk about the difficulty of dealing with family, or getting family involved in the caregiving effort. Alzheimer's caregivers are searching diligently for advice, insight, comfort, and for specific information on how to deal with problems.
No doubt, the situation is improving, but we still have a long way to go.
The video below is interesting, enlightening, and worth sharing with others in the Alzheimer's Community.

Source: Ronald Reagan’s Daughter Talks About Alzheimer’s Support Group She Co-Leads
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